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African paintings

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A beautiful African hand painted picture, painted by the well respected Zulu artist named Clifford Chemba. This large and colorful painting is known to the local Zulu tribal people as stick art and shows African people doing their daily chores in thin stick like figures.

This Africa Zulu painting is painted on thick canvas cloth of the highest of qualities to ensure that the Zulu painting will not fade, tear or perish. This type of Zulu art is set in bright vibrant colors and brings that colorful African feel to any home.

This style of art has been around for a few years and is being rapped up quickly by art galleries around the world and collectors alike. Artists such as Clifford Chemba are in great demand and his paintings are predicted to cost 10 times more in years to come

This Zulu painting shows 2 female Zulu tribal women walking away from us with one lady carrying fish and the other a pot of water all set in the wonderful background of bright orange, red and yellow.

A true Zulu Creation!

This is just one description of the many African paintings that we have that's in our gallery for you to view. Our African tribal paintings are all hand carved and originate from the whole of Africa. We take pride in our work and only offer the finest African traditional shadow box available to the international market

African paintings are handcrafted and have become a sort after item by people all around the world. The African tribal pictures you see are unique with similarities from one African pictures to the next but not two being identical.

Our gallery has many African tribal paintings to view and we can arrange for most African mask pieces should you not find it in our gallery. Our African shadow box is of the finest of quality To find out more about what we have to offer and also to see a image of what we have to available have a look at our African painting pages on our website at AFRICAN CRAFTS MARKET.

Our African masks range from hand painted colorful pictures, shadow box and prints

If you are looking for a certain African painting let us know and we will arrange that for you. Our prices are very competitive but our quality is of the highest quality available. We source our African paintings from all over Africa which you will be able to see in our gallery. This allows you sit back at home and choose items from all countries in Africa.

We accept all major credit card son our secure server through, so feel relaxed when shopping with us that all your credit card details are 100% safe and can not be revealed to anyone.

Come an join our African super store. We welcome any suggestions or comments about our African tribal paintings website.

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African paintings
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