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African Initiation Beaded Ndebele Doll

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African Ndebel beaded doll

African Initiation Ndebele Doll

Medium: $45-00
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African Large Handcrafted Initiation Beaded Ndebele Doll

Medium: 20cm
Large: 45cm

African initiation Ndebele dolls that range in size and covered in traditional African beads.Ndebele initiation dollThe neck of this African doll is wound with golden bangles with the legs of the doll also being wound with wire. The doll is in the traditional dress of a married woman. The style of the Apron signifies that she has borne a child within wedlock and symbolizes her status as a parent.

Ndebele womanThe Ndebele people are among the smallest tribes in Southern Africa, but are easily one of the most colorful and distinctive. They are well known for their colorful houses that have distinctive patterns painted on the walls.

These dolls have become sort after by homes all around the world as they are thought to be a protector of women who are expecting a child.

All sizes listed are approximate. The stone Ndebele doll you purchase and receive may differ just slightly in size, look, and/or color from the Ndebele doll shown in the picture because each doll is handcrafted and hand painted by individual artists

African beaded Ndebele dolls

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A selection of a few beaded Ndebele doll choices available from African Crafts Market

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African Initiation Beaded Ndebele doll