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African hand carved wooden Masai cane

African Light Head Cane

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African Hand Carved Light Head Canes/ Walking Sticks:

Length: 34 inches

An African hand carved wooden cane that has a Maasai (Masai) tribesman face carved into the handle. The shaft of the cane/ walking stick is smooth and polished to the natural color of the wood. The cane is light weight which makes for easy handling. This African hand carved wooden Maasai (Masai) tribal cane originates from Kenya where the tribal people of Kenya called the Maasai (Masai) Mare live.

This hand carved African Maasai (Masai) cane/ walking stick is made in a variety of sizes, if you are looking for a larger or smaller size cane please E-mail us so that we can organize that for you.

All sizes listed are approximate. The African hand carved Maasai (Masai) tribal walking stick you purchase and receive may differ just slightly in size, look, and/or color from the African hand carved Maasai (Masai) tribal walking stick shown in the picture because each African hand carved Maasai (Masai) tribal walking stick is handcrafted and hand painted by individual artists

A true African hand carved Maasai (Masai) tribal walking stick !

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