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Genuine African Elephant Hair Bracelet

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African Elephant hair bracelet
African Elephant Hair Bracelets

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Genuine African Elephant Hair Bracelet

Size: Adjustable to fit all size wrists

This genuine elephant hair bracelet is from the continent of Africa. They are an age-old favorite of Africans and Westerners alike. According to a 1200-year-old legend, it is believed that the wearer of an Elephant hair bracelet would be protected from illness, taken out of harms way and attain great fortune. The two knots on this Elephant hair bracelet respectively represent the earth (fertility and ancestors) and nature (forces and spirits).

This Elephant hair bracelet are handmade of real Elephant hair that is from the tail of the Elephant.

The Elephant hair bracelet is rich in tradition and has been proven over time to be extremely durable. Indigenous African peoples living in elephant country once believed that wearing an Elephant hair bracelet or bangle made from the hair of an elephant you killed protected you from other elephants. An Elephant hair bracelet worn on the right arm signified you had killed the elephant. Elephant hair bracelets presented to friends as tokens of good luck were worn on the left arm. This type of Elephant hair bracelet is rare and difficult to obtain, beware of imitations, made out of wire or reed.

Tail hairs are used to make the Elephant hair bracelet and can reach more than 3 feet in length . The Elephant hair varies from brown to black and rarely white. . Genuine elephant hair can be tested by burning a strand with a match, plastic imitations melt, and the real thing smells like burning hair.

No Elephant was harmed when obtaining the hair -

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African Elephant hair braceletsElephant hair bracelet

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Elephant hair bracelets