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Shipping on our website is automatically calculated when you click the "add to shopping cart icon" next to the item you are wanting to purchase. The shipping price will automatically show up for your destination and you can then decide to carry on with the order or abandon the order. Shipping prices are given below and are based on a weight system. Some items on our website have free shipping and will be sated next to the item description

In regard to shipping due to the nature of the goods( all being hand crafted ) the time taken to deliver items to your address can take up to 3 weeks but in most cases goods will be received within 14 days. It all depends on the product purchased. We aim to have items packed and send out within 1-3 days of an order being placed and then the delivery guys time will depend on location but in most cases the above shipping times will apply.

Most of the goods are air freighted across but in some cases ,due to the size and the weight of larger products the price to air freight the item across does not warrant the expense and in that case it is then shipped over to you surface mail , which then takes 6 -12 weeks.

Some items such as skins, horns and skulls require permits from KZN Wildlife who we are registered with, these permits do take 2 weeks to obtain before we can send. We do push to try and get them quicker and this may happen but like to let our client know that the times above are the average item frame to obtain the permits.

We found the best way to ship the items with a quicker time zone, was to air freighted them through FedEx Express Courier International. Should you require a different delivery method or want to go for the surface mail option and don't mind waiting a longer period we can reduce the price of delivery by sending the item surface mail. This however can take up to 3 month to ship the item over to you. please E-mail us if you require this method or any other.

FedEx will not accept some of our products such as Zulu shields which contain a spear as this is considered a weapon so this type of item we send by post .


Each country has its own duties, Tax and VAT charges when importing into their country and the amount that is duty fee various from country to country. This fee will be calculated by customs and then that charge will be payable before the items are released. In most cases for items on our website the import duties will fall under the allowed threshold so will not incur any extra costs, however we do advise client to check out the costing with your local customs should you be buying items of a high value.

Wherever we can we will try and get the items into your country duty and VAT free

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African lion

The majestic African Male lion, a symbol of strength and courage

Male Kudu

The African Male Kudu with the spiraled horns and stripped back

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Springbok horn ostrich egg holder
Springbok horn ostrich egg holder

Impala horn light
Impala horn light

Carved Blue wildebeest horn
Carved Blue wildebeest horn


We only sell top quality African arts and crafts that have been  handcrafted from some of the most talented African Artist that can be found. We welcome any suggestions or questions that you do have about our crafts or our website.

We ship worldwide

In recent times we have seen China producing "African art" and selling as such. Our website does not sell any item produced outside of Africa. So feel assured that you are buying genuine handcrafted African crafts made by local African Artists.

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