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In our Internet shop you will always find products of superior quality as well as services for the prompt delivery of our products to you. Allot of our products are hand crafted so every piece that you order is unique and it may differ slightly from the picture.

Our product range include all African arts and Crafts that can be found mainly from the Southern African continent. Our range of good include:

  • Abstract art - this comprises of weird and wonderful stone and wood carvings such as African people , animals and sculptures that have been hand carved with an artists impression of the African lifestyle. These items have become sort after collectible pieces . Some of our greatest artist can be found making these wonderful pieces.
  • African Figurines - this comprise of African men and women statues and dolls . Mainly hand carved out of wood there are dolls from all over Africa.
  • African heads - A collection of hand carved African busts. These are carved out of stone and wood and come in a variety of sizes. The bust comprise of the head of African male and females and depict life like characters.
  • Animal skins - A collection of African animal skins that are all CITES approved and contain felt backed. All skins are A grade quality skins.
  • Beadwork - A collection of African beads and bead work made mainly by the Zulu people and contain allot of their traditional patterns.
  • Canes - A collection of hand carved African canes/walking sticks that contain the images of Africa along the base of the stick.
  • Chessboards - A collection of African chessboards, that are hand carved out of wood and finished off with good details . There are wood and stone chess sets available.
  • Clothing - A collection of African clothing with African designs.
  • Cooking utensils - A collection of African items that are used by every day Africans to cook their food.
  • Drums - A collection of African musical drums that are used in traditional ceremonies by traditional Africans. Furniture - A collection of African furniture that are hand carved out of wood and stone to be used around the house.
  • Gemstones - A collection of African semi precious stones that can be used in African arts work as well as African art that uses gemstones.
  • Horns - A collection of African animal horns mounted on backboard.
  • Leather - A collection of leather wallets,bags,golf bags etc...
  • Masks - A collection of African masks that have been hand carved out of wood. These masks are traditionally used in ceremonies by the different tribes of Africa.
  • Ostrich eggs - A collection of decoupage ostrich eggs that are used as ornament. These eggs have a variety of African designs.
  • Paintings - A unique place to order a painting of your choice. You write to us and ask us what type of painting you are looking for and we will get back to you with what we have in stock.
  • Shields - A large collection of traditional Zulu shields that come in a variety of colors.
  • Stone works - A collection of African hand carved sculptures all made of stone. These include a variety of African animals.
  • Wire works - A collection of African hand made wire items such as the much sort after Harley Davidson.
  • Wood works - A collection of African hand carved wooden items using top quality wood in a variety of types. Includes a large selection of African animals.
  • Woven baskets - A collection of African woven baskets that include travel bags and all purpose bags, through to African grass mats and storage baskets.
  • Other good - In here you will find a variety of unusual African goods that are all different from each other.
  • Specials - Here you will find a variety of goods that are available to the international market at really cheap prices. Come view these items from time to time to see what changes we have in store.

All the items above are only a small selection of what we can offer our customers so we have many more items on sale. Should you be looking for a particular item and can't find it e-mail us with the goods you are looking for and we will see what we can do for you.

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Springbok horn ostrich egg holder
Springbok horn ostrich egg holder

Impala horn light
Impala horn light

Carved Blue wildebeest horn
Carved Blue wildebeest horn


We only sell top quality African arts and crafts that have been  handcrafted from some of the most talented African Artist that can be found. We welcome any suggestions or questions that you do have about our crafts or our website.

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In recent times we have seen China producing "African art" and selling as such. Our website does not sell any item produced outside of Africa. So feel assured that you are buying genuine handcrafted African crafts made by local African Artists.

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