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African soapstone abstract stone thinker

African stone abstract thinker
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African Soapstone Stone Thinker


Region: Zimbabwe

Material: Soapstone

Size: 15cm (H)

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African soapstone abstract stone thinker

Size: 15 cm (H)

An African Soapstone carving that is handmade out of soapstone, this abstract art sculpture originates from the Zimbabwe region and shows a faceless African person with his hand to his head and locked in thought. The African hand carved abstract stone carving is polished off to the natural color of the stone.

The artist that handcrafted this faceless abstract thinker is part of the Shona tribe, where you will find the most talented stone carvers in the world.

All sizes listed are approximate. The abstract stone handmade carving you purchase and receive may differ just slightly in size, look, and/or color from the abstract handmade stone carving shown in the picture because each stone carving is handcrafted and hand painted by individual artists.

African soapstone carvings have become a sort after item by many collectors around the world and soapstone carving in this abstract form are truly beautiful works of art.

A true African Soapstone handmade art carving!

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