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African hand carved abstract face cane

African Iron wood face cane

African Abstract Shona Face Cane


Region: Zimbabwe

Material: Iron wood

Size: 75-90cm (H)

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African hand carved abstract face cane

Size: 75cm - 90cm(H)

An African hand carved Shona cane.African Iron wood face cane - Zimbabwe

A real gem of a walking stick. This African wood hand carved walking stick is of an abstract African with a rounded handle for easy holding. The wooden carved cane originates from Zimbabwe and has been hand carved by a member of the Shona tribe.

The wood use is Iron wood which is a heavy and strong wood found mainly in Zimbabwe and South Africa. The wood is very tough to work with and extreme skill is needed when making African canes out of Iron wood. The wood when in its natural color is a deep red/brown color and very tough which makes then excellent canes for daily use.

The Shona abstract faces on the cane are of a male and female tribes member each facing n the opposite direction.

The shaft of the cane is smooth polished with traditional African patterns.

If you are looking for a certain size in this style of cane please let us know so that we can sort this out for you.

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