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African Hartebeest skin cushion

African Hartebeest hide cushion
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Hartebeest Hide/Skin Cushions


Region: South Africa

Material: Hartebeest hide

Size: 40cm x 40cm

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African Hartebeest skin cushion

Size: 40cm x 40cm (L x W)

A beautiful African handcrafted Red Hartebeest hide cushion

Genuine African Red Hartebeest hide cushion from South Africa with zipper for inserting stuffing.

The (Hartebeest roams in most South African game reserves and is found mainly in Southern Africa.. African (Hartebeest hides are obtained during the culling season in South Africa and all (Hartebeest pelt/skin are CITES approved to ensure that there has been no illegal culling or poaching of these pelts.

All sizes listed are approximate. The (hartebeest cushion you purchase and receive may differ just slightly in size, look, and/or colour from the (hartebeest cushion shown in the picture because of the nature of animal hide, each hide will be similar with variances .

Stuffing not included.

We are registered with KZN Wildlife in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa who are our local conservation authorities in our area, we obtain any documentation needed from them for any items that is needed for your country. You can feel assured that you have bought from a legal, registered trader.

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Facts about this animal

A large, fawn coloured antelope that at first glance seems strangely misshapen and less elegant than other antelopes. The Hartebeest, also known as kongoni, is clumsy in appearance, it is hump shouldered with a sloping back, slim legs and a long, narrow face. The Hartebeest is one of the fastest antelopes and most enduring runners. These qualities give it the name "Hartebeest" (which means tough ox).

There are 8 subspecies of Hartebeest that can be found in the eastern, southern and western parts of Africa. Hartebeest inhabits open grasslands, sparsely wooded areas and savannas.

  • Hartebeest is covered with short coat that can be tan, golden brown, reddish brown or nearly black colored. Dark-brown or black tail is covered with long hairs.
  • Both males and females have curved, 45cm to 70cm long horns. They are closely set to each other at the base and covered with rings on the bottom part.
  • Females live in small groups composed of 5 to 12 animals. Mature males live solitary life. Animals of both sex gather in large groups during dry periods of year when food and water become scarce.
  • Hartebeest can reproduce all year round in the wet areas or during the rainy season (when food is abundant) in arid regions.
  • Even though young Hartebeest depends on the mother's milk only during the first 4 months of its life, it usually stays with its mother until the age of 3 years. Young males leave their native herds and gather in bachelor herds before they become strong enough to occupy their own territories and start to reproduce.


Scientific classification

  • Swahili Name: Kongoni
  • Scientific Name: Alcelaphus buselaphus
  • Size: 120cm at the shoulder
  • Weight: 75kg to 160kgs
  • Lifespan: 12 to 15 years
  • Habitat: Open plains
  • Diet: Herbivorous/grazer
  • Gestation: 8 months
  • Predators: Cheetahs, jackals, lions, hyenas, leopards,hunting dogs, humans

Conservation status: Least concern / abundant (Red (hartebeest)

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