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African black back jackal hide

African black back jackal hide
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African Black Back Jackal skin / hide


Region: South Africa

Material: Leather / hide

Size: 90cm x 60cm (L x W)

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African black back jackal hide

Size: 90cm x 60cm (L x W)

A top quality Black back Jackal skin hide that originates from South Africa. We hand select our Black back Jackal skins so that you receive only a top quality graded hide. This Black back Jackal roams in most South African game reserves.

All Black back Jackal skin hides are CITES approved to ensure that there has been no illegal culling or poaching of these pelts. All Jackal hides require permits for export purposes. The price of the permit is included in the shipping cost.

All sizes listed are approximate. The Jackal skin you purchase and receive may differ just slightly in size, look, and/or pattern from the Black back Jackal skin hide shown in the picture because of the nature Black back Jackal skin hide each on is unique.

We have 0 black back jackal hides in stock that do not have any felt backing which is seen in the picture above.

View our African Game skins gallery for more African skins or e-mails us if you are looking for a particular skin.

Other information

African black back jackal african black backed jackalAfrican jackals

Facts about this animal

The jackal, a medium-sized carnivore with doglike features and a bushy tail, is widely distributed in Africa, the Middle East and India. This animal has long been the subject of superstition about death and evil spirits. The ancient Egyptians believed a jackal-headed god, Anubis, guided the dead to those who judged their souls. Such beliefs were probably encouraged by the jackal's cleverness, nocturnal habits, eerie howling and scavenging.

Both nocturnal and diurnal. They are very well known for their weariness and cunning behaviors to avoid predators and traps. They will use burrows dug by other species.

Jackals live singly or in pairs, and are sometimes found in small packs. They are among the few mammalian species in which the male and female mate for life. Mated pairs are territorial, and both the female and male mark and defend the boundaries of their territory. Yipping calls are made when the family gathers. Members only respond to their own family's calls and ignore those of other individuals. Although they have long had a reputation as sneaky, skulking scavengers, research has shown jackals to be agile, lithe hunters with close-knit, cooperative family groups. They have been successful in adapting to changing environments.

Jackals are noisy. Family or pack members communicate with each other by a screaming yell and yapping, or a siren like howl when a kill is located. Jackals are very cunning and resourceful. Although usually considered scavengers-they do pick over kills made by large carnivores and frequent rubbish dumps-they also hunt and kill a variety of prey.


Scientific classification

  • Swahili Name: Bweha
  • Scientific Name: Canis mesomelas
  • Size: 96-110cm length, 38cm shoulder height.
  • Weight: 6-10kgs
  • Lifespan: 10-12 years
  • Habitat: Savanna and light woodland
  • Diet: Omnivorous/scavenge
  • Gestation: 2 months
  • Predators: Lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas

Conservation status: Least concern / abundant

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