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African Steenbok hide

African Steenbok hide
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African Steenbok skin / hide


Region: South Africa

Material: Leather / hide

Size: 65cm x 40cm (L x H)

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African Steenbok hide

Size: 65cm x 40cm (L x H)

African SteenbokAn African Steenbok hide that is tanned and originates from South Africa. The Steenbok is a small elegant and large eyed buck that is still commonly found in Southern Africa, Kenya and Tanzania. They are usually found alone and are very shy, skittish animals. The Steenbok is similar in look and size to the Duiker. The Steenbok hide is a deeper chestnut color with underpart's including inside of legs being clean white in color. The Steenbok is around 75-90 cm in length when fully grown and weights about 11 kg's. The horn length of the Steenbok is around 9 cm.

All Steenbok hides require permits for export purposes. The price of the permit is included in the shipping cost.

All sizes listed are approximate. The Steenbok hide you purchase and receive may differ just slightly in size, look, and/or pattern from the Steenbok hide shown in the picture because of the nature of animal hides each Steenbok hide is unique.

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Other information

Steenbok African steenbok Steenbok

Facts about this animal

A member of the dwarf antelope group, the Steenbok is a delicate little dwarf antelope that spends the day moving through the savannah in search of food. Their coat is short and bright fawn in colour with a pale underside, chin and throat. They have a light coloured ring around each of their eyes and they have very large ears with black "finger lines" on the inside of them.

Only male Steenbok's have horns. They measure 7 - 19 cms (2.8 - 7.5 inches) in length, they stand straight and parallel and they are smooth in texture. Steenbok's are active throughout the day, however during hotter periods they move to a shaded area where they will either sleep, ruminate or groom themselves.

Steenbok in South Africa are widely distributed throughout the country and occurs in most protected areas except in certain parts of the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu–Natal. Baby steenbok may be born throughout the year, and can stand and walk just a few minutes after birth. However, the infant is usually hidden away by its mother for a few weeks before beginning to follow her around.

Steenbok freezes and remains motionless in the grass when it is faced with danger. In the case of close encounter with predators, steenbok explosively emerges from the hiding place and starts to run in a zigzag manner. It occasionally hides inside abandoned aardvark's burrows.


Scientific classification

  • Size: Shoulder male 45-60cm; female 35-50cm
  • Weight: Male = weigh 7-16 kg ; Female = 5-10 kg
  • Lifespan: 8 years in the wild
  • Habitat: open grassland with light tree cover
  • Diet: Grazers - Mostly leaves from shrubs and trees, but also fruits and grasses
  • Gestation: 5-6 months
  • Predators: Lions, cheetahs, hyenas, leopards, humans

Conservation status: Least concern / abundant

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