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Beaded Zulu knob- kerrie - short

Zulu beaded Knob-Kerrie - short
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African Beaded Zulu Knob- Kerrie - Short


Region: South Africa

Material: Wood/Beads

Size: 30cm (L)

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Beaded Zulu knob- kerrie - short

Size: 30cm

This is a short Zulu beaded knob-kerrie that has been crafted by Zulu craters and beaded in colorful Zulu beads in traditional colors and patterns. This Zulu beaded knob-kerrie is not a full size knob-kerrie but more shorter club used in traditional ceremonies and traditional healers.Beaded knob-kerrie - short

This larger club was used by Zulu tribesmen as an attacking tool to hit their enemy on the head while in battle,with a Zulu shield in one hand to protect themselves and the Knob-Kerrie in the other while charging forward. A spear was also used with this tool and would be thrown just before attack and then charge with the Knob-Kerrie. The Zulu beaded Knob-Kerrie was originally handcrafted without the Zulu beads and set in the natural color and state of the wood used.

The bead work was an addition that the Zulu woman would weave onto the shaft and has become notorious with the Zulu. Along the shaft is hundreds of small colorful Zulu beaded that have been set in the traditional patterns and colors of the Zulu tribe. Zulu bead work has become world famous and we have a selection of some fine African Zulu beaded artwork in a gallery.

Learn more about Zulu customs and culture and the history of the Zulu people.

All sizes listed are approximate. The Zulu beaded Knob-Kerrie you purchase and receive may differ just slightly in size, look, and/or color from the Zulu beaded Knob-Kerrie shown in the picture because each Zulu Knob-Kerrie is handcrafted and hand beaded by individual artists.

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