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Zulu shield center shaft - Umboko club

Zulu shield center shaft
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Zulu Shield Center Shaft - Umboko Club


Region: South Africa

Material: Wood/hide

Size: 150cm (H)

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Zulu shield center shaft - Umboko club

Size: 150cm

60cm Zulu shieldThe Zulu shield which has become an internationally recognized African battle weapon and is made up of 4 main parts. The main hide that is used for the protection of the attacker, the two clubs which are the spear and ball club, known by the Zulu tribesmen as the Assegai and Knob-Kerrie, and then the center shafts known as the Umboko.

Together this makes up the entire Zulu shield that the Zulu tribesmen would use to go to war. The center shaft, which can be seen in the picture in the left, is a tough center shaft or stick that slides down the back and center of the Zulu shield. This Mgobo helps the Zulu shied both in strengthening the shield and helping the Zulu shield keep it's form.

The Mgobo has animal fur such as Springbuck, Kudu or any other African fur hide wrapped around the top end that would stick up above the Zulu shield. The different furs used on the stick would indicate the status of the Zulu tribesman using the shield. A leopard skin Mgobo would indicate that the shield owner was the Chief King.

Today many Zulu and African collectors display this Zulu shield center shaft with other Zulu or African displays. The Mgobo ranges in size form 1 m to 1.5 m tall.

Read up on the history of the Zulu shield on our website

A true collectors item. All sizes listed are approximate.

The African handcrafted center shaft you purchase and receive may differ just slightly in size, look, and/or color from the African Zulu center shaft shown in the picture because each center shaft is handcrafted by individual artists.

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A selection of the Zulu shield patterns and colours. Each one is unique and no two will be exactly the same. Email us if you are wanting a specific colour choice or you can leave that up to us

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