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Welcome suppliers

We are looking for new Suppliers of African arts, crafts, horns/skulls and skins.

We at African Crafts Market are always looking for anyone that is involved in African arts and crafts, so if you are within South Africa and an artist,supplier, hunter, tannery or just doing it as a hobby we would like to hear from you. We are looking for people in the following fields.

  • Crafts supplier -anything African relate
  • Artist
  • Sculptor makers
  • Game skin supplier
  • Horn suppliers
  • Skull suppliers
  • Ostrich egg supplier
  • Leather items
  • Beaders
  • Mask makers
  • In fact anything African

If you are involved in African items of any sort send us an email with your contact details and tell us what you do . Email pictures and prices as well as any info that may help us decide if your product is good for us to

As we are based in South Africa we are at the moment only looking for the above artists that are within South Africa and not looking at importing items into our country

You can send us catalogue or letters to

Richard Stead,
PO BOX 10123,
South Africa

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Springbok horn ostrich egg holder
Springbok horn ostrich egg holder

warthog tusk keyrings
warthog tusk keyrings

Carved Blue wildebeest horn
Carved Blue wildebeest horn


We work with crafters throughout Africa to find a vast range of handcrafted items and then send them worldwide.

All items are produced in Africa by local Africans

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